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What Are The 5 Areas of Wellbeing?

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Wellbeing can be incorporated into everyone's daily routine in just five easy steps.

1. Connect

Connect with the people around you by talking and listening. This can be your friends, family, neighbours, work colleagues etc. Building on these connections will enrich your everyday life and act as building blocks for your future.

2. Be Active

Get outside and go for a walk or run, cycle, go some gardening - physical activity makes you feel great! But find something that you enjoy and suits your level and fitness and mobility.

3. Take Notice

Be aware of the things around you, whether that is a change in the season, visiting a local beauty spot or simply your own surroundings. Take note of how this makes you feel.

4. Keep Learning

Discover something new. We all have things we would like to try and do, so why not do them? It can be daunting at first but set yourself a challenge to achieve it. Once done you will feel a great sense of accomplishment and have a confidence boost.

5. Give

Do something nice for a friend, neighbour or stranger. This can be helping someone with their shopping, litter picking or taking an elderly neighbours dog for a walk. But most importantly make sure you find time for yourself!

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