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Time For Fabulous Hair

Silk scrunchies are the fashion accessory we’ve all heard of, but why do you need to invest in this latest hair trend?

To many of us our hair care regime is very important, nothing beats a good hair day. We shampoo, condition, use the finest quality hair serum, style with our GHD’s or Dyson Airwrap & then…..tie our hair up with a bog standard hair tie….if your hair could cry, it would be weeping right now.

Silk scrunchies help to prevent tangles compared to traditional cotton hair ties which pull & tug on your hair, causing hair breakage & split ends.

In addition to the above, silk scrunchies also help to reduce ‘dents’ in your hair after it being tied up all day & when used during the night they won’t pull on your hair - yes that’s right, these can be worn 24/7!

So why pick a silk scrunchie over a cotton or a satin scrunchie?

Silk contains natural proteins and essential amino acids which help to soothe the skin, and our scrunchies are made from the finest quality mulberry silk. It is naturally hypoallergenic and as it is coated in sericin - perfect for anyone with allergies, dry scalps & sensitive skin.

Our scrunchies come in a variety of different colours including champagne, onyx black, oyster pink, amethyst & pale grey.

Go on, your hair will love you!

Image: Mulberry Silk Scrunchies by Mille Saisons

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