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How To Improve Your Beauty Sleep

Silk sleep masks are the luxe accessory you never knew you needed!

Wearing a sleep mask improves the quality of your sleep and helps you to get to sleep faster. Complete darkness boosts the body’s melatonin levels so you spend more time asleep rather then laying awake.

But not only that, silk also helps to regulate temperature & will absorb excess heat when hot & when cold it will trap the air between the silk threads.

There are many different sleep masks on the market but spending a little extra on one of our Mulberry silk masks is money worth investing.

Silk contains natural proteins and essential amino acids which help to soothe the skin, the perfect choice if you suffer from skin conditions such as eczema or periorbital dermatitis.

The silk helps retain moisture around the eyes and the dense weave of the silky smooth fibres keeps moisture close to your skin for a glowing complexion. It also helps to reduce dark circles, fine lines & wrinkles.

Our masks are made from the finest quality silk, mulberry silk, it is naturally hypoallergenic and as it is coated in sericin - perfect for anyone with allergies, dry scalps & sensitive skin.

Our masks come in a variety of different colours including rose, onyx black, oyster pink & pale blue.

It’s time to invest in you!

Image: Mille Saisons Mullberry Silk Sleep Mask / Eye Mask

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